Internet Security Solutions: Botnets Part 1

In the video below Corey Nachreiner (A Network Security Analyst) from WatchGuard Technologies, talks about what a botnet is and how it can affect you. This is a 3 part series designed to educate you on the risks of a botnet.

See actual malicious code and understand how it works. Corey Nachreiner explains botnet architecture for beginners, then builds a bot client and shows you how it works.



Watchguard XTM 5 Hardware Firewalls


Aus Net Servers Australia is pleased to announce that they will commence the roll out of brand new Watchguard XTM5 firewalls to protect the core network and the network routes of our shared server clusters.

Negations have been been underway for a few months now with several firewall supply companies but just today Watchguard was chosen from the shortlisted applicants to become the new hardware firewall provider.

More and more every day we are choosing to do business online, shopping online, banking as well as other recreational activities online, thus we as a server provider and a managed hosting solutions provider needs to step-up our protection to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Throughout this year we have seen many attacks hit the news about major corporations been subject to high level DDOS attacks, and Randsomware attacks that have either being an in-connivance  or caused huge losses of businesses proving how to relaxed we are about pour internet security.

Throughout the next 6 months we will commence rolling out 3-5 new XTM5 units and a further 2-3 in the following 6 months bringing the maximum total rollout amount to 8.

Aus Net Servers Australia will also be purchasing a few additional boxes for use by our clients (for an additional monthly cost) on their un-managed, colo or dedicated server solutions.

if you would like more information on the Watchguard XTM5 units that we will be rolling out please contact us on 1300 933 038 or


ANSA PBX Maintenance

Aus Net Servers Australia’s Network Engineers are doing some emergency work on our Customer Service PBX Server. All calls have been diverted. To make our job a little easier please be patient getting through and have all your account reference numbers ready. This work is due to finish by at 12PM Thursday 25th of September 2012