Unplanned Interruption: Intermittent DNS Connectivity


Aus Net Servers Australia was made aware of an issue regarding intermittent connectivity between our DNS Cluster at around 11:54PM Friday night. Engineers where dispatched to investigate the issue.

The problem turned out to be a glitch with BIND (the software that runs the root DNS software). This was corrected and the servers where put back into service.

At 6:28AM Saturday morning dns-server-1.vic.ausnetservers.net.au housing the records for ns1.ausnetservers.net.au & ns2.ausnetservers.net.au crashed and went offline. For some reason the cluster did not fall over as it should have and kept routing dns queries onto dns-server-1.vic.ausnetservers.net.au. Instead it should have fallen over onto the remaining DNS clustered servers and stopped sending queries onto the effected servers.

At 3:45PM Saturday afternoon, dns-server-2.vic.ausnetservers.net.au housing the records for ns3.ausnetservers.net.au & ns4.ausnetservers.net.au did a kernel stack crash and went offline

This left the entire ANSA Websites unreachable for about 4 hours.

At 7:31PM Saturday, our engineers brought dns-server-1.vic.ausnetservers.net.au back online and followed by dns-server-2.vic.ausnetservers.net.au about 3 hours later.

All servers are now back online and all services are looking stable. All traffic is flowing through the network nicely.

Our engineers have been looking into what caused the original issue in the first place and why the servers crashed as a result. If you are still having issues please contact NOC[at]ausnetservers[dot]net[au]


Instant Deployment (OpenVZ & XEN)


Aus Net Servers Australia is proud to announce the introduction of our new instant deployment system that has now gone live across our entire VPS Cluster today.

Aus Net Servers Australia is rapidly rolling out the following pre-created default OS images across our 11 nodes:

  • CentOS 5.8 (Final) x86
  • Centos 5.8 (Final) x64
  • Centos 6.3 (Final) x86
  • Centos 6.3 (Final) x64

Aus Net Servers Australia is rapidly rolling out the following Aus Net Servers Australia created images OS images across our 11 nodes:

  • cPanel / WHM ( 11.34.0) CentOS 5.8 Final x64
  • cPanel / WHM ( 11.34.0) CentOS 6.3 Final x64
  • cPanel DNS Only CentOS 5.8 Final x64
  • cPanel DNS Only CentOS 6.3 Final x64

Aus Net Servers Australia highly reccomends that you install x64 architecture os versions as they are more stable with our node’s cpus and the resource manager

Setup and provioning times variey based on:

  • Node’s CPU Load
  • Node’s Disk I/O Load
  • Image Template Size ( WARNING: Windows OS templates are 1- 2GB and may take 5 – 10 minutes to provision)
For further information please contact sales[at]ausnetservers[dot]net[dot]au or call us on 1300 933 038 ( +61 3 53105956 )

Unplanned Outage: Node 5 (static-203-39-19-123.vic.ausnetservers.net.au)

An unplanned hardware fault caused an unexpected reboot of Node 5 ( static-203-39-19-123.vic.ausnetservers.net.au). Engineers have been dispatched to investigate the issue  and rectify any further issues.

There has been no interruptions to client’s services as far as we are aware. If you are having issues with your service please lodge a ticket with our Support Centre for further assistance.