What Is TC4 Based Services

The nbn™ network is being rolled out across Australia using multiple technologies – fibre to the premises (FTTH), fibre to the node (FTTN), fibre to the curb (FTTC), fixed wireless, satellite and HFC.

There are three different traffic classes available on the nbn™, knowing the difference between each could save on further hassles down the track. The different classes are:

• Traffic Class 4 or TC4
• Traffic Class 2 or TC2
• Traffic Class 1 or TC1

Traffic Class 4 or TC4
TC4 is a standard traffic class, used for delivering residential and small business broadband services. There are no guarantees around contention ratio, frame delay, frame delay variation (Jitter) or frame loss and is designed as a low cost, best effort internet service ideal for home and small business users.

Traffic Class 2 or TC2
TC2 is an enterprise-grade traffic class used for delivering high speed symmetrical internet and layer 2 or layer 3 eWAN services. It has a guaranteed 1:1 contention ratio, and high level guarantees on frame delay, Jitter and frame loss as well are corporate support and around the clock monitoring.

TC2 is really designed to service larger organisations that rely on their internet and WAN services for voice, video, terminal services and other delay-sensitive applications and is well worth considering for enterprises such as local government, where a stable internet service is vital.

TC2 makes a great secondary or primary path in a high availability WAN or internet configuration as the the nbn™ network is independent of any carrier, the level of diversity you can achieve when using another carrier service in conjunction with an nbn™ TC2 service is very good.

This solution is ideal for those managers not willing to put all their eggs in one basket, The end game is a second internet connection that you can rely on if one of your connections goes wrong.

Traffic Class 1 or TC1
TC1 is the highest-grade traffic class, specifically for delivering low bandwidth, highly delay-sensitive applications such as bidirectional high definition audio. TC1 has a guaranteed 1:1 contention ratio, and high level guarantees on frame delay, Jitter and frame loss.

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