Dell Poweredge R710 Servers


Hey Guys,

Just a quick heads up that we are looking to install more Dell Poweredge R710 Servers in our Melbourne Datacentre Facility. We are just waiting for the order approval from Dell. The specifications are as follows:

Make: Dell Poweredge

Model: Poweredge R710

HDD Type:  7.2K RPM, 6Gbps Near Line SAS 2.5″ Hard Drive – HotPlug

HDD Size:  5x 1TB ( Mirrored )

Raid Type:  RAID-4

CPU: Intel (R) Xeon (R) X5675 3.06GHz, 12M Cache, 6.40 GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT, 6C

Ram Type: 1333MHz Dual Ranked RDIMMs for 2 Processors

Ram Size: 16GB

On board Network: 4x Gigabit Networking

DRAC Controller: Yes ( Dedicated Port )

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