If you are receiving this error message it’s because your domain name is not properly configured for the Aus Net Servers Australia network. If you are the website owner or webmaster please check one of the following:
  • Ensure the name servers are pointing at the Aus Net Servers Australia clustered dns network ns1.ausnetservers.net.au, ns2.ausnetservers.net.au, ns3.ausnetservers.net.au and ns4.ausnetservers.net.au.
  • Ensure any recent changes you have made to your domain names DNS records are correct and are formatted correctly in the zone file in accordance with the recent Ausregistry guidelines.
  • Ensure that you have purchased and paid one of our residential web hosting packages here or one of our business web hosting packages here.


  • Your account has an outstanding balance owing.
  • Your account has a reported AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) or TOS (Terms Of Service) violation recorded against it.
  • Your website zone file has been suspended or terminated from our network.
  • You have recently migrated your website to another provider without notifying us and as a result your domain name is pointing at the wrong DNS cluster and needs to be corrected.
  • You have made changes to your DNS zone file that are formatted incorrect. Please ensure the zone file has the correct punctuation.


RCODE:5  The server refused to answer for the query within a reasonable time.

RCODE:9  Name not in zone file.


If you are the website owner or authorized representative, please call Aus Net Servers Australia on 1300 933 038, option 2 to speak to one of our friendly technical service agents and we will get you back online as soon as possible.